April 26, 2007

Watch Out for the Bookworms!

I've been disappointed in the performance of many of my students this year. I've had an insane amount of students who insist on not turning in work--including major projects--which means, they are choosing to fail. It's a really cool group of kids, too, but just really unmotivated.

But they are readers!

According to my records, on average, my students have each read 33 books this year. That's just amazing to me! Of course, with the way averaging works, I think the number is a little high, thanks to the a good chunk of the students who've read over 50 books this year, including about six students who have read over 100 books. The highest is a student who has read 166 books! Are you kidding me? And would you believe that these are my super-achieving, brightest students who always turn their work in on time? Of course they would read so much, but where do they find the time? Just eyeballing the list of students and the number of books they've read this year, it looks like a more accurate average of the average kids is about 20 books this year. That's not too shabby either!

Hooray for my book-lovin' students!

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