March 2, 2009

Please, Read My Shirt!

Smells like CRTs are in the air! CRTs? You know, the state mandated test that will determine AYP. For the past two years, we teachers have participated in a contest to see who can come up with the coolest, most inspiring shirt. A group of students vote, but I think we teachers do it to both inspire our student and to entertain ourselves.

The first year I won with this a clever tee (click on the link in the first paragraph to see the back of the shirt), and last year I placed either 2nd or 3rd with my "Kicking AYP" t-shirt, which is even cooler when you know that our mascot is a colt.

I thought I'd be way too busy to participate this year, but I've found the creative outlet rather refreshing. So, before I unveil my creations for my students, I am show my dear blogging friends.

Day 1: This design is a on golden yellow t-shirt. I'm always telling my students that it's important for them to show what they know.
Day 2: This design looks really sharp on a clean, white t-shirt. In fact it looks almost professional, so my fellow t-shirt designers weren't very impressed. They probably thought it was just a clipart that I downloaded. Some of you may not be impressed because you recognize this as a Wordle. I think it's cool because I was thinking of our IB program, and I had to find all the translations and plan the frequency and design. (I do hope all these words mean success and not something else.) This one took a while.

Day 3: I really wanted to wear this one for the first day, but the truth is that it's not printed yet. Oh well, I figure that by the third day, we might need a little humor. I also think this might be a winning t-shirt, but then sometimes people don't understand my humor. It will be on a white and blue baseball-style t-shirt.
Day 4: This last one is kind of lame, but it's kind of hard to come up with four inspirational t-shirts. It's on an orange and blue baseball-style t-shirt. The blue and orange look really nice together.

Today, a lot of the t-shirt designers wore matching t-shirts that parodied the Twilight book with "Proficiency" as the title. Since all the little teeny boppers have ruined any joy I had in reading the books, I decided not to join in. I did consider a Twilight t-shirt that might have said something like, "Edward is a vampire. Vampires don't exist. You can't marry him. Stop daydreaming and take your test!" I think I took a better road with the designs I chose, don't you?

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