March 16, 2009

The Intuitive Administrator

My administrator suggested that I take a day off this week.

We had just finished a quick review of the yearbook pages she needed to approve so I could submit them, and we were just sitting in her office visiting. Catching up on life and work.

I wasn't even having a nervous breakdown. Not even close--and I have been close in the last few weeks.

When I said that 3 more weeks until spring break was a long time, I was just expressing what a lot of people have been feeling.

We're all tired.

It's been a long year of transition, and we've had a long quarter of testing.

It's spring. Spring is not the season of renewal for teachers. It's the season of surviving.

How blessed I am to have an administrator who can sense that a mental health day could go a long way right now. Truly blessed.

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