March 6, 2009

The Longest Friday

Day 4 of 4 of the state testing. All 8th grade students had to test two hours longer than everyone else. This put my testing group, who attend my early bird class for 50 minutes before we begin testing, in my classroom for more than 5 hours.

Five hours.

Two boys came up to me at 7:00 am and told me there was a pool going around about what time I would crack.

Crack? I'm not the one taking the test. Whatever.

Uh oh. They might do something that would make me crack. But how can that be since they will be testing? How can that be? The testing period is about twice as long as my students need. That's how.

We had about 2 hours after everyone was finished with the test where we were trapped like animals. Some of them acted like animals.

I didn't crack.

The geeky boys wouldn't detach themselves from me, and we created Dungeon and Dragon characters and almost started a campaign.

I'm telling you...they wouldn't leave me alone. Chirping in my ear. Creating characters distracted them for a few minutes.

I didn't crack, though. I just went with the flow.

But now I could use Happy Hour.

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