October 1, 2008

A Cultural Break

Today the other 8th grade IB teacher and I took a small group of students to see Romeo and Juliet at a special Shakespeare-in-the-schools type of event. Last year, I was nervous because it was the first year I had participated in the program, but it was such an amazing morning hanging out with some enthusiastic students, well, I'd say it was maybe even a high point of my year--maybe even in the top 10 of my career. (Many of my most memorable experience in teaching and in life have been theater-related...)

And how was it this year? It was just as much fun. It was a beautiful morning at the amphitheater, and our students were model theater attendees. (I didn't even give my "On pain of death" speech to motivate them either!) Of course, with no worries about comfort or students who might embarrass me, enjoying a superb troupe presenting Shakespeare just makes for a great morning. The other teacher admitted that she was feeling a little itchy about needing to be out of the classroom, and this little trip rejuvenated her. I know what she means! It was a relief to be out of our stuffy, content-thick rooms. Although I am hardly a fan of field trips, this is definitely an event I will look forward to every year.

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