October 16, 2008


My students are taking a practice writing proficiency exam for two days this week. Perfect time for me to evaluate some essays.

Or goof off.

I think I have some form of teacher ADD.

What would that be called?

I don’t know. Ya’ll can ponder that one.

Maybe NADO. Need a Day Off.

Did I mention they are taking a practice writing exam? WRITING! I must be should be smokin’ crack to ask them to do more writing when I have enough already to insulate my house. I don’t care how many rubrics I have that are suppose to make grading so much easier—that’s 240 pieces of writing.

And my poor newspaper staff members wonder why I’d rather poke myself in the eye than read their articles: “Give it to the editor!” By the time he edits and they revise, I might want read it.

Okay. I'll get to work now. As soon as I find just the perfect pen for this task...

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