September 29, 2008

The Miracle on 28th Street

I don't know if this is a major error or if the district big brother has gotten nicer, but I am posting this from my desk at school!

Here's proof:
(Today is not the best day to take a picture of my classroom, but that's the semi-good side. It's actually the view from my desk, as I was using the computer cam. In this picture you see two cool things about my room: the built in cabinets and one of my new computers. Unfortunately the computer you see in the corner can't boot up because the outlets don't work...)

And my wiki is open, too! If you've been reading this blog since the beginning of time, you'll know that one summer my colleagues and I built some wikis--on campus--only to find the site blocked when school started that fall. Last year I was able to get my site unblocked for about a day. It's a major saga.

Don't get too excited. I'm still going to need to rip those YouTube videos from home. I probably shouldn't be ripping videos from there, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

So, the question is, "Will Happy Chyck be blogging from work? Will we see more from her?" It's highly unlikely.

I'm much too busy.

I'm only posting right now because it's hours after I should have left, but I've been hanging around because I need to go to a meeting at the university rather than going about 5 minutes.

I had some funny things to post last week, but I choose sleep instead. Open houses at both schools last week! Busy! When will the technology come on board when I can just send posts from my head? That would be cool, right?

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