October 26, 2008

Singing the Sunday Blues...Again

Countdown to Monday...

Last weekend I stayed up so late that I met Monday without saying goodbye to Sunday. Not really a great idea.

It's going to be painful tomorrow, isn't it?

I still have a stack of essays to grade--and quarter 1 grades are due Tuesday afternoon. The only saving grace is that the essays are each only a page long, as it was a practice proficiency test. Thank goodness for that. It took me forever and a pint of vodka to make it through their narrative essays this quarter. These kids did not learn their verbosity from me. (They could have if they read this blog, but trust me...they entered my classroom just full of it this year.)

I might have another saving grace in that my students will be in the theater listening to presentations from magnet high schools all day tomorrow. Is it terribly rude for me to not listen and just grade papers? Well, the kiddos should listening to the presenters and not watching me--and they might want me to get their grades updated, right?

Oh! And they better be watching the presentations and not acting out in ways that would actually require me to manage their behavior. Oh no! They better not!

Tomorrow during first hour we will be staging a practice fire drill because the last few have not gone very well. New school. New escape plans. Narrower passageways. I'm not balking at this, as we know my best and brightest blew the last fire drill--and yes, at the last faculty meeting one of the administrators did mention there were about a dozen students without their teacher. My "friends" laughed and pointed at me. So, practice would be wonderful. Don't worry, though. I won't be looking like a fool tomorrow because this practice fire drill is scheduled to happen during my prep!

Too bad for me I really needed to use that prep to slave over a hot copy machine--if I beat the math teacher to it.

And...I was out of my classroom on Friday, so who knows what I'll walk into in the morning. My only fear is the fear of the unknown. There is no unknown like kind you meet on that Monday morning after calling in for a substitute on the previous Friday.


Monday is going to hurt.

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