May 24, 2008

The Big Reveal

The yearbook is out! It's been a hectic week with all the last minute preparations and double checking to make sure everyone who paid for a book gets a book. It's kind of like Santa's Workshop--making lists and checking them twice.

The yearbook release "party" that we held was a no-fuss affair. During the last period on Friday, the students who had ordered books pick up their passes from their teachers and went to the cafeteria where they received the books. There was no charge to get in. There was also no food served or sold, and this year I ditched even having music. (That's more about the sound system available, though.)

Sure, it sounds boring, but the kids just want their books so they can pass them around to their friends to sign. I know other schools make it a big event, charge money, and hire a DJ. I'd rather the students at my school spend their money on purchasing the book, and I'd rather not spend more money than I'm likely to make on a party. The vast major of the students at my school are poor, and so is my yearbook program.

My staff did a great job putting together the book this year. Of course, we had a few issues, but they pulled into together in their strange, detached way. (I found some errors, of course. Can't wait to hear about it all week.) At the party, the students set everything up for a smooth distribution. The veteran staff members remembered how we did it last year and tweaked it a little this year. The editor and I had made a list of jobs, students chose what they'd do, I prepped them with directions once, and the rest of the time they ROCKED IT!

My yearbook rep showed up--the first time I've seen her in over a year--and I actually had time to visit with her because things went so smoothly! She doesn't come around much because she's under the impression that I have things under control. Glad she could witness an example of it.

I'm so proud of my staff! Sometimes I forget they are middle schoolers! Middle schoolers running a party! Sheesh! Middle schoolers documenting a year in words and pictures for an entire school! It's just another way they astound me as they balance between being kids and being responsible young adults.

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