May 15, 2008

The Cool Teacher

I don't know when I stopped being the cool teacher.

Okay, I haven't really ever been "the" cool teacher, but I used to have quite the following of freaks and geeks.

My cool factor--or lack thereof--has been in my face this semester with the much-hipper, young student teacher.

Whatever. I'm past that.

No, I'm not bitter. It is what it is. I adore my students. Nice kids. And to them, I am something.

I'm the nerdy teacher. That's fine. It is what it is. I embrace that.

So, since I'm the nerdy teacher, the nerdy kids flocked to my desk today when they discovered I had the new copy of Stephanie Meyer's book, The Host.

Who? You know, author of the Twilight Series!

It doesn't matter that the new book is Meyer's debut in the adult book world. It doesn't matter that it has 624 pages. It doesn't matter that it's $26.oo. Those nerdy Edward-loving students are starved for more Twilight stories and will consume anything by the author.

And I have her new book in my possession. I don't own the book. I borrowed it from another teacher. It doesn't matter, though. I have the book! I'm going to read the book!

I'm the cool teacher today.

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