May 28, 2008

Packin' It In

Of course, we are rushing into the end of the year. My students are having their last group discussion (literature circle style) on The House of the Scorpion tomorrow. I'm trying to squeeze their assessment projects on the book out of them on Friday although I'm not technically collecting it until Monday. Yea, Monday. The last day of school is Wednesday. You'd think I was smoking crack, aye? Why didn't I just give them a test rather than a book report-type project?

I also handed out study guides to half my classes today. The study guide, which is more like a practice packet, is 11 pages long. Uh, that would be double-sided pages, too. It's insane. Again, it appears I might be using drugs. And what's the first question the kids all want to know?

Is this for a grade?

I'm not even going to try to trick them into doing it. No, kiddos. It's not for a grade, but if you want to know if you're ready for the exam, check out the skills work in that packet! I am offering extra credit for those who bring it on the day of the exam. From past experiences I've learned that there is a whole slew of students who may or may not do the review packet, and many of them will not bring it to school on exam day. They'll claim that they were told they couldn't bring anything except a pencil. Whatever. The deans are not going to confiscate study guides at the entrance--not unless they're taped to cans of shaving cream or silly string.

While my darling students are working away, they are surrounded by a disaster zone. Every year the tearing down and packing up is ugly, but this year it's worse because I can't hide things in cabinets for the summer. This month I have sent over ten boxes of paper to the recycling bin, donated four boxes of potential craft supplies to an acquaintance whose charity summer camp is woefully underfunded this summer, and donated a carload full of things to the thrift store down the street. Oh! And lots of random bits have walked out the door with students. I think I'm about three boxes away from having my room packed and ready to move. Hooray!

A week to go...awards night tomorrow and 8th grade dance on Friday. Finals all next week. We're here! This is the end, my friend!

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