June 15, 2007

Other People's Vacations

My best friend from childhood was in town with her family this week, and boy, my first week of summer has been busy! We did all the touristy things that we could squeeze in, which as it turns out wasn't half the things that could have been done.

I'm not a great tour guide, and I can't really figure out what people like to do when they come to Vegas. Well, other than gamble, which is not what families do. There are plenty of things sights to see, but then perhaps I'm jaded, but some of the sights are not really that exciting. The volcano at The Mirage is only mildly amusing; however, the Lion Habitat at the MGM is always a hit with the kiddies. I keep trying to lure people into going to The Atomic Testing Museum, but I have yet to convince anyone in going--even my dad, who I know would enjoy it.

So, wahoo for the tour guide (it's a good thing I'm not getting paid) who was able to leave town to do a little touring this week. Using a spontaneous plan, I ended up trailing back to to St. George, Utah with my friends where I went to see My Fair Lady at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre. It's been quite a while since I've gone to any kind of theater performance--probably about a year--so it was about time to get a fix! We had seats in the middle of the fourth row--practically on stage! (And free thanks to family connections!)

My theater experiences started in an outdoor summer theater, but it is nothing compared to Tuacahn. (Our theater, although new when I started, had a nice view of the rodeo arena.) The red rock backdrop was gorgeous and amazing! Here's a picture of stage left and one from the stage perspective looking out. Don't worry--the theater itself wasn't a distraction with the talented performers. It has me craving more live theater!

My summer's off to a great start; hope yours is, too!

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