June 26, 2007

It's All About Appearances

A few days ago, workers from the lawn maintenance company that does the landscaping at my apartment complex were working for hours outside my patio for hours. I noticed because I never see them. The landscaping just magically looks wonderful. All year long we have green grass. Seriously. As it turns out, there were several patches of the lawn that were yellow, due to sprinkler issues. I hadn't noticed the yellowed lawn, either. In my mind, that's bound to happen when it's so blasted hot outside.

Today when I came home from errands, the yellow grass was gone! What how can this be? It can't grow green that fast. No, it was SPRAYED GREEN! Is it just me, or this crazy? We are in the back corner of this huge complex, so it's not like the management is showing the property back here. And now I wonder if it's safe the kids (and their clothing) to play on the lawn.

My only hope is that the color is loaded with grass vitamins so it doesn't seem so pointlessly vain.

(I think I found a place to live, and there's no fake grass there.)

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