June 28, 2007

Got Soap?

I'm going to be in soooo much trouble for blogging about my dad, but apparently I already am in trouble with him. (And this just a week before I go home for a visit. Not too smart, is it?) Today, my dad told me that we needed have to have a little talk about the language in my blog. I think that means I cuss too much. I do that sometimes, but I didn't think I'd been too bad. In fact, in the last two months, I haven't inserted any strong language.

I'm not going to say I'm innocent of ever using strong language, which I know some better bloggers would never do, but it hasn't been that much. Or has it? This is what I figured:

In 2 years--
that is 222 posts,
I have used
6 "a" words
19 "d" words
11 "h" words
1 "b" word
8 "s" words

At first it didn't seem like very many, but when I counted them up, it could be considered one word every four posts. Only, I often go weeks and months without any and then one post might have more than one. And when you think about my verbosity, those few words are nothing!

Point taken, though, Dad. I'll try to be better.

And Dad, while you're commenting, I could always use help with proofreading, as I am forever making silly errors that are more embarrassing than my low-brow language.

Oh! And thanks for reading!

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