August 20, 2006

Where Did the Teacher in Me Go?

I'm having a hard time getting in the mindset for school.

I thought I did a great job on Friday as I took some notes in the car on the way to California on some things we need to do in Publications this year. I need to keep them busier. Do you know what would help me? If the students actually had a textbook. Why is this a class that isn't provided with textbooks? (Maybe some day I'll go to school that has a textbook for this course. Or I'll leave this aspect of my experience off my resume.) Oh wait! I take that back, I do have The Young Journalist's Book which will take us through the first week or so--if I don't lose credibility with them first. Thanks goodness for photocopies from texts I wish I had in sets, the Internet and it's wonderful sources, and Newspapers in Education.

Oh! Look! I'm trying to get in the mindset as I type. Excellent.

I did have a dream about teaching night school. It was more a nightmare, actually. Reliving some of the unpleasant times I had there my first quarter.

Today I covered the kitchen table in things I needed to prep for work in my room tomorrow. I worked for a while and made a big mess of things. Then...I decided to color my hair instead. Sometimes I go with the gray because then the students think I am old as I am, but right now I'm going with eccentric rather than old. I feel better about my hair. Maybe now I can focus.

I'm going to be able to pull myself together before school starts because I am a professional. Unfortunately, I'll also be pulling some long painful nights because I'm a procrastinator.

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