August 30, 2006

Adventures in Parenting: Part 1...

I have a feeling this could have many parts.

So, did I mention that my stepchildren are living with us permanently? We picked them up last weekend, and then had to rush them back here to a community clinic where they had to get more shots so they could go to school here. Nothing says "welcome home" like a two-hour standing line wait and a Hep A shot in the arm.

Everybody says I'll be fine as a mom, but I have had some moments of guilt in being a sucky parent. This week has to do with how the Tooth Fairy forgot to come the other night. (Funny, Mrs. T's daughter lost a tooth this week, too!) It was the day before school started, the kids had spent the day at some friends while I was at work, my sweetie had made social plans for all of us, and well, it was just a little crazy. So yesterday when I picked her up from school, my DD (darling daughter) told me she'd forgotten to leave her tooth for the Tooth Fairy the night before.

That's right kid, blame yourself. YOU forgot. It's YOUR problem.

Geez, I can't believe we forgot! We suck at this!

Well, the Tooth Fairy came a day late and ended up leaving $2 for her tooth. There must be a good market for baby teeth these days.

Or something.

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