August 23, 2006

Happy Chyck is wondering...

why she really isn't so happy lately.


This morning I went in a little early before my meetings to see what cool new webtools I have discovered that I can use this year.

How many can I use?


Everything is too dangerous and therefore it is BLOCKED...

I just felt sick and depressed. And more whiney than usual. I get it in my mind to do something new, but I can't. No big deal, right? As teachers, we punt all the time. It's just that now I feel like I am regressing. I'd say a lot of the tools I was interested in using, and will do so from my home, were for my professional use--with intentions of collaboration. As I have discussed before. is a tool. I have big box of other tools to consider, too.

And for those of you viewing my blog with the left hand column at the bottom of the page, how long has this been going on? In Safari it looks fine, but Explorer it's a mess. Go figure. I just discovered it tonight.

On a more positive note--extremely positive note--my sweetie is just bouncing off the walls because he just finished his last class tonight. Wahoo! He's an official computer nerd with a degree. I'm so proud!

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