August 22, 2006

No AC: Another Teacher Suffers

Last week when I only had 2 hours to spare in my classroom it was nice and cool. Yesterday when I planned on working a good 6-8 hours, wouldn't you know it?!?! NO AIR CONDITIONING!

Folks I have to tell ya, I'm not a woman who simply perspires or glows...I SWEAT. And boy did I sweat. I must have sweated myself out dozens of times. It was just yucky, yucky, yucky! I kept working, though. Heat or sweat in my eyes, I still had use the time because there will be no more later.

It is kind of a funny image thinking of a sweet little teacher breakin' a sweat from hanging up posters. Makes it look like hard work!

Oh! I'm sure I also made a great impression on the new teachers I met: "Hi! I'm Ms. Sweaty Sweaterson! Don't mind me or my stench. And yes I think it is quite fashionable to wear my eyeliner dripping down my cheeks, but most importantly, doesn't my room like nicely put together?"

So this morning I'm off to work before it gets hot, which is laughable considering that it's not even 7:00 am, yet it is in the 80's already. Got my bottles of frozen water and am dressed completely inappropriately to be going to school, even if it is just to work in my classroom. This is dedication.

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