July 16, 2006


I could hear my mom just smiling away as I told her my adventures of being a mom this summer. It's that amusement that I'm getting mild torture, which is what all parents hope their children are repayed with someday. "Just wait until you're a parent!" No, really. My parents were great, so I think, "What would Mom do?" or "What what Dad do?" pretty frequently. That is, WWMD or WWDD?

**We're starting school clothes shopping. I know it's early, but I'm partial to clearance racks, and that takes time. We nearly have all of DS's (darling son) clothes, but so far we have only have one outfit for DD (darling daughter), and she looks like she might cry. WWMD?

**I really don't like half the clothes for little girls. I think she should be conservative, but cute. Clothes should not be half worn out when you buy then, nor should they advertise just how cute you are in sparkly letters across your chest. Even if you are only 7. Especially for school wear. My sweetie is more uptight than I am. Uhm, "square" is the word I like. WWDD? He's the original "square" after all!

**DS isn't watching where he puts his face under the water at the pool and scratches his faces. Minor, really. Must feel worse to DS because he's boobing about it. WWMD?

**DD trips at the park, scratching a nice boo-boo from knee to ankle. Whoa! That's a big one! WWMD?

**DS throws up in the pool. Seriously. Shredded carrots. WWMD?

**DS is the pokiest eater ever. I've sprouted new gray hairs waiting and waiting every day. WWDD?

**DD and DS are prone to bantering, which turns to bickering, and sometimes then on to tattling. I have my solution. My sweetie has his own solution, but the real question is...WWMD? WWDD?

**It's over 110 degrees during the day. It's still in the 100's at night. Outside play is not practical. WWMD? WWDD?

**"I'm bored! Will you play with me?" Yea, like twenty times a day. WWMD?


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