July 24, 2006

Chyck in Waiting

Warning: this is a pissy post.

It is sooooooo Monday. I didn't really think Mondays could be nasty if I wasn't working.

It should have been a decent day. I had a day off from playing happy housewife and homemaker.

Stuff is not not cooperating. My desktop isn't working well great, particularly on the Internet. My dear computer nerd husband ran a spyware destroyer a few weeks ago (Then told his nerdy friend my computer had never been swept before, which is not TRUE. I distinctly remembering doing it about 2 years ago.) Since then, I think it has been slower. Now we just upgraded our Internet service to one that is like 100x faster than anybody even cares. I should not have to wait for anything. It's like dial-up. Arg!

My work laptop is okay, and as much as I love my little Mac G4, it is small. Plus, Safari isn't user friendly sometimes. Don't even tell me I need Firefox, I KNOW. I'm having some issues thought. But it's so stupid I can't even talk about it. Well, okay. I can't remember the admin password. Stupid.

And my laptop has been SLOW, too. (Rebooting has helped) And it gets too hot. Even with my cooling tray. Then my wrists hurt. And I might be going blind from the tiny screen. The battery isn't lasting very long. My charger connector doesn't want to stay connected. Just the little stuff irritating the crap out of me...

I'm annoyed with the "In Demand" feature with my new cable. Half the time it won't connect. I had some time alone to watch a movie that nobody else would want to see. Only I couldn't get it to connect. So I'd wait, like it told me to. Yea, yea, I know...I should have just saved my $$ on this whole cable business. And yes, I have had the cable guy here...twice. I'm quite enjoying my brain-numbing entertainment, though. Last night I saw the Brady wedding and today I watched an enlightening documentary on punk rock.

And on the non-electronic front...family drama gives me a headache and my underwire snapped today. Ouch. Yea, snapped. Don't even ask. I don't know how that happens. It just does.

Oh! No worries. There's the belated chocolate my bro sent me for my b-day in the fridge. It ain't pretty, but it's tasty. Yea, I don't know why he send chocolates in this heat, and when I asked him he said, "Oh, well...uhm...you can probably still eat them.."

And I will.

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