July 12, 2006

The Game That Saved the World

Or at least my sanity. Kind of. This is a representation of 100 UNO cards in celebration of History is Elementary's 100th post. She has some diverse assignments for us to do to celebrate with her, and quite frankly about all I can do is piggy back off other's ideas these days. But WAHOO for her ongoing enthusiasm!

So, what's with the UNO? It's the kids' favorite game right now, and keeps them entertained for sporadically throughout the day. (Unfornately, it has done nothing to help me in the last few minutes as I was trying to make this post.) I hate to admit it, but this was also a game that I adored when I was a kid, too. I just celebrated a birthday this week (as you can see no celebration post anywhere) and when I think back to how many years ago that was, well...I can tell you that Uno has been entertaining kids for a helluva long time!

Oops! Almost forgot! Check out the 75th Carnival of Education over at School Me! It promises to be a rockin' good time.

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