July 1, 2006

Irritational Thoughts

I heard some sounds outside and the first thing I say to myself: "Were those gun shots?"

A couple of brain blinks later, I answer myself: "Duh! The 4th of July is in a few days. It's probably fireworks. Geez. Get a grip."

Perhaps I could really use a news fast--you know when you don't watch the news because it's so negative. So you do a fast for a little while. Maybe rational thought will return to me, instead of quick draw to potential violence.

Plus, I definately could use a nice little vacation to somewhere not so urban.

And much cooler. The heat cannot be a good thing for my brain health.

Yea that's it. Half the blame to my ridiculous reaction to a popping sound goes to the media. The other half goes to oppressive Mother Nature. Makes sense to me.

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