July 2, 2006

A Meme... Because I Can

Here's a meme I snagged from California Teacher Guy. He got it from some other people, so be sure to work your way back for some interesting reading. These prompts are similar to some poetry formulas I have used. It's kind of cool to me because you can certainly plan your responses around an idea. OR you can just put down the first thing that comes to your head. That's my favorite. Some of my answers surprise me, too. Just never know what's floating around in my head.

I know that I know quite a bit, but compared to what knowledge is out there in the world, I know nothing.

I believe everyone has to believe in something.

I fought to get myself through college.

I am a strong woman, but sometimes I forget and just hang back in the shadows.

I love unconditionally my family and a handful of close friends who are like family.

I need positive influences in my life or I get sucked into negativity pretty quickly.

I take as much time as I can just for myself.

I hear so many points of view to situations that sometimes I have no idea what the truth is.

I drink my share of caffeine pretty much every day and wish I could quit permanently.

I hate nothing. There are things I dislike, though.

I use too much hand santizer. I think it might be some OCD condition I've acquired.

I want to worry about every. damn. thing. a lot less.

I decided to stay at status quo for at least another year, and once made that decisionI felt a lot more peace.

I like quirky people.

I am a good teacher who feels she could be so much better.

I feel mental exhaustions pretty frequently.

I left a lot of my belongings behind when I moved here a few years ago.

I do love and depend on my sweetie so much that it might be kind of sappily sweet to others.

I hope my sweetie and I start moving a little more quickly toward our goals and dreams. Our progress has been slow, yet steady.

I dream about teaching quite a bit. That's when good ideas come to me!

I drive cautiously around the city and fast on the open road.

I listen to what people have to say because even minor encounters with people can provide life lessons.

I type much better without fancy fingernails.

I think too much sometimes. I think it drives my sweetie a little looney.

I wish I didn't have to work so hard to find inner peace.

I compensate for my shortcomings in many ways. Who doesn't?

I regret not going back to school sooner.

I care about kids and the future they can build for themselves and our country.

I should exercise more.

I am not always tuned into the moment at hand. Talk about out of body experience...

I said, "You'll live. We'll slap a band aid on that and tomorrow you will have forgotten about it."

I wonder what my future holds.

I changed my mind on my chosen career. Several times. Still.

I cry too often over silly things. I can't help it.

I am WYSISYG. Deal with it.

I am not always what people think I should be.

I lose patience as I age. What has happened to common deciency?

I leave this post to retire to bed. Sleep rocks!

Feeling adventurous? Cut and paste it into your own blog (delete my answers, of course), then let me know where to find you. Come on! You know you have nothing better to do!

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