May 3, 2006

Company's Coming!

Tomorrow, we have a big open house at my school for all kinds of people to come in an see our wonderful, technology enriched classes. I'm not really sure who those people are...but they're coming. Plus, we've invited parents. So, this week has been the Tazmanian Devil dance cleaning my classroom for company. Oh, how they would judge if they saw it every day. Actually it's not too bad, as I try to keep control of the clutter, but we have lots of books and papers. C' mon! We are trying to learn in there, and that takes a forest.

I also have company coming to my house. Same clutter issues. Books and papers. We're trying to learn in here, too. An English teacher and computer nerd college student live here. We can't help it. We have stuff. Luckily, my visitor doesn't mind. She's just glad she doesn't have to pay $99/night for hard mattress when she can have a lumpy couch for free. Oh, and she's an educator and life-long learner. She understands.

Sigh. The only thing getting me through my day of school company is the fact I get to have fun company!

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