May 19, 2006

The Teenager Is Always Right

I remember the day I realized that I would never be right. When dealing with teenagers, it just can't happen.

"I might be the trained professional, but you are a teenager, and you know more than I do. My mistake. I forgot." It was a tough day, that day when I realized the truth about knowledge. Even if I think I know more than a teenager, I cannot prove it.

Oh, and now that I'm over 30, I really don't know anything, plus I can't be trusted.


I had the most inane argument with an 8th grader today--a dumb topic that I refused to give into. This student tried to tell me that the yearbook signing party was on a certain day. I told her it was not on the day she said. She told me, again, that it was on that certain day. I tried to tell her slowly, in case she didn't understand the simple words I was using, that she was wrong and that it was on the day I said. She still disagreed.

A most ridiculous game.

Finally I raised my voice to her and told her to stop arguing with me. And not so nicely either. She pouted and went off to her desk.

For God's sake!


But that certainly wouldn't mean that I would know anything, would it?

It's that time of year that the littlest things send me over the edge. And I think it's a good idea to throw a party for 400 teenagers? Yea right. What do I know? I know the edge is crumbling, that's for sure.

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