April 28, 2006

Is It Normal? Wondering About My Students...

There are a couple of things I've been wondering about my students. Humans are interesting, but teenagers are a study of their own...

Why does M suck his thumb? When he goes out into the "real world" next year, will he still suck his thumb? Has anyone ever told him that it's a strange behavior?

Why are my girls so drawn to such dark, serious books like A Child Called It, Cut, Crank, Go Ask Alice, and Speak. Are they curious, or can they relate?

Do my 8th grade boys have any idea that next year they will be so uncool that they will not even be able to buy a girlfriend. Is it wrong of me to want to take a couple of them down a few pegs on their machismo ladder, while others I just want to warn so they won't feel so bad about themselves?

Do my night high school students really think I'm going to give them a passing grade for showing up erratically?

Why do I have to tell my middle schoolers every single day to not leave textbooks on the floor? How hard is it to put them in the baskets under the desks?

Do they really think I hate them?

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