May 6, 2006

I'm Not Pointing Fingers

I might be losing my mind. Or I'm just bored. Or I need to find ways to laugh in the next few weeks. Or perhaps those goofy middle schools are rubbing off on me. I dunno.

I bought this finger pointer a while ago because I though it was funny. Much funnier than my pointer that my students say looks like I "jacked an antenae from a car." I haven't been using my LCD projector much lately, so I didn't need my pointer, but when I did break it out this week, we all had a lot of fun. Er, or I did, anyway.

What I discovered is that I just can't stop pointing at things when I'm holding it. It's just such a joy to POINT. Sure, I deliver my lesson and point to things on the screen, but then I can also walk around the room and point over students' shoulders, too. I'm sure they love that.

I also can't stop twirling my hand pointer, which, by the way, is a cheery orange. I've found that in 30 years I can still twirl a baton, but my fingers seem slower and bigger. I'm still working at it though.

My favorite joke, though, is also what will prevents students from touching my pointer:

When I first brought it out:

"Miss, what's that?"
"It's my nose picker," I put the finger up to my nose (it doesn't actually go in because it's too big) and then offer the finger close to their faces, "Want some?"
"Ew, Miss! That's gross!"
"Are you sure? I have runny and crunchy right now. Wait I have a nice juicy one right here."
And the student looks at me with such adult disdain. Oh, it cracks me up.

Nothing matures a student faster than seeing his teacher lose her mind.

If only.

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