April 3, 2009


I am in the middle of the longest hour of my life. Perhaps I'm being dramatic, but it is one of THE longest hours of the year.

The last hour before Spring Break.

Twenty more minutes with my sweet 5th hour, and then 30 minutes with THE dreaded 6th hour--you know, the ones who make me want to drink but we are so endeared to each other they want to start a gang. They've even given me a moniker. Oh, how I want to skip them tonight. The best I can hope for is that they've decided to skip me tonight. Please, please, please. I won't even mark you absent because I can't get into the attendance system tonight anyway...

If only I can survive those last 30 minutes. They just have to finish up some writing they started this week.

"Miss! It's the day before spring break! We shouldn't have to do work!"
"But Miss! It's spring break!"
"Miss! It's Friday!"
"We'll do our work over the break. We promise."

I wish I were born yesterday. And so do they.

There will be conversations about parties and being tore up and sleep and smoking bud and more parties and being tore up and sleep and smoking bud--and maybe worse. Lalalala. Don't want to hear it.

"Students! Finish up your work. We won't want this hanging over us when we get back. We're moving on." Please shut up and make the 30 minutes fly by. Please.

Please let it go by fast.

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