April 19, 2009

I Had to Turn on the AC

And so it starts...

It's nearly bedtime and 80°F outside.

Last night was a sleepless night: my neck sticky with sweat, and the fan only moving the hot air around. Surely it was not hot enough that I needed to start the air conditioner.

I blew it tonight when I cooked something in the oven. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I've become used to using the oven in the last 6 months.

My daughter's room, which gets the same hot sun beating down on it as room does, was an inferno. We brought the fan in from the garage, although it didn't do much good.

In our room, the fan has been on, still moving the hot air around in our room, for two days. Pointless.


Give it up. The heat has come back to Las Vegas.

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