April 14, 2009

What I Did on My Spring Break: This and That

It thought maybe I'd post a few more times over break. I ran out of things to say, which is funny because I always think of things to write while I'm in the shower or driving down the road. Quite inconvenient.

I had a lovely, low-key break:

(Hey! Where didn't the bullets go in Blogger?)

Procrastinated writing a paper, which ruined two days instead of one.

Calculated how much I've written since I started my master's program in August. The total came to 3,539 pages of pedagogical drivel. Felt sick for a day after that realization.

Did some honey-do chores around the house. Mostly things that were bugging me. Obvious chores left undone.

Woke up naturally every day.

Cooked some good food for dinner a few times. (Yummy pizza: eggplant spread, artichoke hearts, caramelized onions)

Read 4 books. I thought I'd read more, but I didn't.


Had lunch with some work friends. (It became a downer, though, because we started talking about work too much.)

Watched Australia with a friend who has been to Australia. We had a nice visit after the movie, too. Nice to just chill and catch up the news.

Met up with relatives I hadn't seen in years and was sad when it was over. Wish they lived closer!

Went to a low-budget Vegas comedy club. You don't have to go to a big-name comedian to have a good laugh.

Convinced my sweetie to play hooky one day. It felt like an extra Saturday. So much fun. More convinced than ever we need to plan a vacation for just us.

Sweetie and I decided to trade in old (3 years) flip phones for new technology (Blackberry Storm). He has wanted a PDA for quite some time. I held him off for nearly 2 years. I don't need it, but they were BOGO.

Made iced tea for the first time this season.

Went to the beauty shop to deal with gray hair. Wanted to go blonder. Darker looks nicer. In the end I went both lighter and darker with some funky streaks.

Did lots of nothing important.

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