December 8, 2008

Yearbook Ponderings

We are in too deep to be thinking about such inane things, but to my fellow yearbook advisors, what do you call your individual pictures? When I first learned this gig we called them mug shots, but I notices in the last few years, the term used is portrait pictures.

I prefer mug shots--sounds cooler and fewer syllables when you are barking out orders, ya know? It takes the newbies some time to catch on, but it makes it even more confusing for all of us when the company and its web-based program uses the term portrait.

Do I have to use the new jargon? I like the old jargon. Sure, I bent a little when I labeled all the mug shot pages as portrait pages on the ladder.

But then I thought...

...maybe we need to give a few years to see if these subjects of these pictures are more portrait-worthy or more mug shot-worthy. Just a thought.

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