December 17, 2008

Snow Panic

You know times are slow on the blog when I talk about the weather, but this is pretty serious!


It's a pretty big deal. It doesn't happen very often. Like once in 30 years. Maybe not that long, but maybe more than a decade, but amounts we are getting is forcing news channels to show pictures from 1978. Actually, it snowed on the west side of town earlier this week, but it's snowing on The Strip now. My work 'hood is close to Downtown, and my house isn't too far from that, and we have snow, too. Lots of it. And some rain, too. It's a mess.

And tomorrow we have a SNOW DAY!

It's kind of funny to me because I lived in northern Utah for 20 years, and I don't ever remember a snow day. I remember having to walk to school in the snow. I remember years with lots of snow. I remember slipping and falling on my bum a lot. I remember always being wet and cold. Snow days? Nope.

After I was an adult, I remember many mornings having to wake up early so I could shovel my way to the car so I could "pre-heat" it for 20 minutes before inching my way down unplowed roads to work.

I think the biggest difference is that Clark County reportedly has 12 snow plows, and half of them are on the mountain that always gets snow. With only six plows, it might be a cold day in hell before you get your street cleaned off. Although, it is kind of a cold day in hell right now.

Sadly, I am hanging with Miss A, and I wish I would have brought that large stack of essays or some yearbook stuff that we are behind on. It was coming down hard when I left the building late in the afternoon--and I had to use a plastic bag to clean two inches of snow off my car (who has a snow scraper?)--but I never thought it would lead to a day off tomorrow.

It's madness.

Guess I don't have to call in cranky after all!

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