December 26, 2008

And Now a Rest?

The first week of break has gone by so quickly! We had a lovely Christmas--I made fajitas for dinner, for those of you who were following along. Simple and yummy and followed with my sweetie's favorite birthday cake: angel. (I think it's an amusing favorite cake for someone born on Christmas!)

We tried to go out for a walk at a park Christmas afternoon, but it started raining and blowing. So, we took a drive in the rain instead since we were out anyway.

Christmas night and this morning were busy times cleaning the house, putting away Christmas decorations, finding a place for gifts, laundry, and packing for the remainder of the break. This afternoon, we took the kids to California to spend the rest of their vacation with their maternal family, and in the morning we hit the road for northeastern Utah to visit my family.

So far, no rest for this chyck. I mean, it hasn't been as stressful as regular life, but certainly not peaceful. I only hope our drive north is clear tomorrow. The drive to California was not peaceful at all: accelerated--slam on brakes--coast--coast--coast--accelerate--accelerate--driving, getting somewhere--slam on the brakes. Over and over. I remember now why I rarely accompany them to the drop off/pick up on visitation weekends.

The funny thing is that deathly, stressful 90 mile stretch of I-15 between California and Nevada will be nothing like the open stretch of I-15 we'll drive for 380 miles through Utah. Crossing our fingers the storm that slammed the state on Christmas has completely moved its way through--or it could be a repeat of brakes and coasting from today. Otherwise, it should be pretty easy driving.

I have fresh batteries in my camera, so maybe I'll be able to get some pretty snow pictures. I'll be looking for the kind with sparking crisp snow and bright blue skies! That sounds peaceful, doesn't it?

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