December 5, 2008

Jose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?

Dear Jose,

You know you are one of my favorite students, but it is necessary for you to label your paper with not only your first name, but also your last name and the period number. Apparently Jose was a very popular name the year you were born, so I have six students with the same name this year--and three of them are in the same class with you! Perhaps you've noticed that I alway call your name with your last initial, too? It's not because it sounds cool--although it does sound a little cool and edgy--it's so I don't bother the other Joses when I'm really calling on you.

Yes, I know you make your Js in special stylized way that the other Joses don't do, but they also have special, cool ways to write their names, and well, it's not that I wouldn't know yours over theirs because, like I said, you are totally my favorite student. I'm old and I'm kind of busy, so I get confused about stuff. So, help me out, Jose, and give me a little more information when you turn in your papers. Just so I don't get confused. You know us teachers...

Thank you! You rock!

Your favorite teacher,

Ms. HappyChyck

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