March 9, 2008

The Only Time I Speak of IT Is to Complain

Arg. Yearbook.

The final deadline is fast approaching. Yet another year where I am constantly saying little prayers, "Please, God. If you will just help me get through, I swear that I will plan better next year. I won't procrastinate! I'll be a good little yearbook adviser. I'll even be early on my deadlines! " And that is why I am destined to burn in hell. And you thought it would be for other reasons...

I've had a long day of yearbook work today. I'm stuck between being picky about design to really having no clue about design and thanking my lucky stars that nobody else at my school does either. The only comfort I know is that if I left things up to my students, the whole book would look like MySpace captured in a book. It would be flashy, clashy, and filled with MySpace-face poses.

The program I use comes with template designs, which are actually pretty nice, but I'm so tired of the same old thing! Of course, I have to tweak with the templates to make them more useful to us, but my poor brain has hit a dead end of ways to tweak. And by now I hate the color palette and the fonts. Hard to believe that just a few months ago, we though our decisions were INSPIRED! I'm telling you--I'm tapped out! I'm afraid I might need to be put out to pasture. That sounds so peaceful!

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