March 21, 2008

Finally, a High Point!

What did you do for your spring break?

I sat on the couch, a chronic, coughing lump, stumbling the net, reading books, and watching movies on IFC and the Sundance Channel. I wasn't complete sludge, but pretty close.

I forced myself out of the house earlier in the week to put together Easter care packages for my brother's family and my stepdaughter and her little sweet pea. I spent an hour of my vacation standing in a line at the post office. (I hate the post office, but what a great cross section of America!)

Other than that...nothing to do. Didn't feel like doing anything.

I resolved to get out of the house today and do some clothes shopping. My warm-weather professional clothing is a little sparse and dull. Wouldn't you know it? I'd just tried on some clothing at my first stop and my Dad called. He freaked me out a little because he doesn't call in the middle of the morning on a week day to shoot the breeze. Phew! Everything was fine, but my aunt was trying to reach of me because...

She and my uncle are passing through Las Vegas. Today. How lovely! Sure, Dad! I'll be happy to call them back and try to see them. Maybe we could have lunch.

Or maybe if it's possible, they can stay the night here...Of course I invited them, and nobody twisted my arm, but what I thinking? ACK!

My shopping trip abruptly ended so I could come home and do the Tazmanian Devil Dance to make my home presentable for overnight guests.

Tell me, when it's time to run around trying to get things spic and span for guests, where are the other people who live here? It seems like in dire situations like this, I am always home alone. ;-0

There must be some sort of mommy Murphy's law for that.

Probably because I've been home alone all week (kids off visiting their mother's family) the Tazmanian Devil Dance didn't take too long, and now I'm waiting in a dust-free vanilla scented home waiting to spend a nice evening catching up old times with family.

It's kind of a pathetic high point of my week, I know. But I'm happy!

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