January 15, 2007

Road Trip!

I took advantage of the long weekend and took a trip to northern Nevada to visit my best friend, who has recently moved to a new community. It was a lovely time that made me just miss having her around more than ever, but it was super cold. And by super cold, I mean below freezing the whole time, and in the negative double digits yesterday morning.

The freezing temperatures caused a major driving irritation. The roads were clear, but there was enough moisture than when a truck passed me going the opposite direction, it splattered my windshield with a fine spray of mud. No problem, right? Just wipe that off with a little windshield fluid. That does work quite well when one's fluid isn't FROZEN.

A few times I pulled over to wash my windshield with handfuls of snow. Innovative, aye? Then I remembered that my daughter had a bottled of flavored water, which worked fairly well and only left a little ice.

After a little over 100 miles of driving with my nature-made mud tinting, I finally made it to a gas station where I bought a gallon of all-weather windshield fluid.

And then I didn't need it for the rest of the trip.


The kids were thrilled with the snow and couldn't wait to touch it everytime we had to get out of the car. When we arrived at my friend's house, they just couldn't wait to play in her front yard, which hadn't been touched by anything. They made snow angels all around and then spent the rest of their play time throwing snow at each other.

The next day some friends brought their kids and sleds over to slide down a large hill behind my friend's house. It was not the first time my kids had seen snow, but it was the first time they ever went sledding. I thought the youngest one would wear himself out, as he is slow light-weight that he'd just fly clear to the bottom. He'd run back up and do it again, over and over. A few times I saw him go off the path and floss his teeth with the brush, but it didn't affect him at all.

He hasn't stopped talking about sledding since. It's so much fun seeing kids do something for the first time.

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