January 23, 2007

Ditchin' School

Having a child home sick has earned me a little vacation this week. I rarely take time off from school, and can tell you each day I've missed in the last few years. Most of them have been for adminstrative purposes, with a couple of family emergencies and a funeral. So to find myself gone for 3 days in a row is just odd.

And the thought of my students starting the new semester without my words of inspiration...Wow. The new priorities of my life...

Now you'd think with that much time I'd get some major reading or goofing off done, right? Or even some blogging. Or extra house cleaning. Yea...right. I spent time planning lessons and doing work for my online class, both of which seemed to take more time than necessary.

Oh yes! Today, I had the priviledge of doing a little math session on estimation and number patterns for my second grader. Seemed like it might be easy, but how wrong I was. Thank goodness we made it through the math work.

Finally, tomorrow I plan on reading a good book.

Thursday we're both going back to reality. After this little break for me, it's going to be a harsh reality, too.

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