January 4, 2007

A Puzzle Piece to Happychyck IRL

The Reflective Teacher tagged me for a meme for which I have to come up with five things about me. Didn't I just do a meme where I revealed all kinds of things about myself? Oh, but they were all weird things about me. So here are some basic things about me:

I'm a morning person. This is not to say that I like to get up in the morning, but once I get moving I can be very productive. I'm disappointed if I am assigned a 1st or 2nd hour prep because although it's good to have so much energy for planning, I'd rather have it for the students. Oh, and I don't drink coffee in the morning, so it's not caffiene that powers me up!

I like my Whoppers with cheese, no onions, and cut in half. What's suprising is that I'll eat Whoppers at all after I worked as a shift manager at a Burger King for a while in college.

I have had my stints of being a vegetarian. It wasn't because I love animals so much but because of the horror stories I read of the meat industry. And I suppose for health reasons, too. The nice thing about that time in my life is that I learned how to eat/cook without meat, and now we do eat meatless meals a few times a week.

I've worn my hair in a bob, for many years. It often varies in length, color, and styling. Once in 2003, my hairdresser thought bangs would be a nice change. Uh, for about a month I enjoyed it, and then I cursed for the next three while they grew back. I wear my hair parted on the right side to cover the gray hair that is sprouting on the left side.

I'm all about function over fashion when it comes to my professional clothing. Sure, I try to be somewhat fashionable, but anymore I pretty much wear a solid color of slacks and a solid color shirt or sweater. The teacher across the hall teases me because I usually match someone in the hallway. The way I see it, I'm not the only teacher in that hallway who has a simple dress code for school. What do I wear on the weekends? Well...I do have quite a few tie-dye t-shirts.

If you'd like to participate in this meme, jump right on the bandwagon!

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