November 11, 2006

My Excuse for Getting Lost

My sweetie and I went on a quest for shoes today. The first store I wanted to go to was Kohl's because they were having this big power sale for Veteran's Day. I only discovered Kohl's about six months ago, and as pleased as I am with their selections and awesome sales, I don't go there often. The closest store is beyond my usual shopping neighborhood, but it's still in the same area of town--on the edge where all the new business and homes are.

So is that my excuse for leading my husband down the wrong street for miles and miles until we ended up on an unpaved road that went straight into a hill? No. Mine is much better.

We were on a major street called Green Valley. The major street we needed was parallel and about a 1/2 mile to the west. It's called Valle Verde.

It's the same freakin' name, just in a different language! Who thinks up these names? It's totally justified that I was lost and confused, don't you think? My Spanish skills are, at best, rudimentary. I'm sure there is some Spanish speaker (of which we have lots) whose English is rudimentary, and is just as confused as I was.

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