November 1, 2006

I'm No Martha...

...but I think sometime in my past I used to aspire to be more creatively domesticated. I distinctly remember actually attempting to decorate my house. Little Home Interior-like groupings. Matching knick-knacks and whatnots. It's hard to believe, but I used to live like that. Now, though, If it weren't for my interest in photography and the fact my brother is an artist, I'd probably not have anything at all on my walls. It's l modern minima, yo!

And I remember in my days of creative domestication--in my 20's while I still lived in Utah, where everyone is quite good at craftiness, homemaking, and other domestic issues--that I used to decorate my own birthday cakes. Buy one from the bakery? No way! I'll decorate one up! And never fear, my darlings! I have even taken some decorating classes.

So, I took a trip down this memory lane when I told my husband that I would make our daughter's birthday cake. Somewhere along the path I may have stopped to take some hallucinogens when I actually let the birthday child pick what kind of cake she wanted.

Today was day one in the making of the great and beautiful castle cake. Castle. Cake. A cake shaped like a castle. What the hell am I thinking?

I already screwed things up pretty well when the BASE split right in half and I had to "glue" it back together with frosting.

Don't worry though, I was a Girl Scout in the decade before I was a Martha wannabe, and during those years I learned all about making do and Plan B.

And tomorrow afternoon I might take a walk down memory lane to my college days where I learned that rum makes everything a little happier.

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