August 19, 2005

Overheard Conversation

Today when I was posing as a mom at the park with my step-kid, I overheard the conversations of some of the mommies there. There was one mommy who was particularly talkative in asking the other mommies about what preschools they'd looked into.

That conversation later turned to not wanting to put her child in public schools here, and this was something the other mommies agreed with. Since I wasn't included in this conversation, although I was just a few feet away and none of the mommies knew each other prior to this morning at the park, I didn't feel like I could give my two cents. Well, I couldn't give my two cents and not have some sort of brawl, which is so not appropriate at the park on a Friday morning in front of a handful of preschoolers.

How do people who have not yet enrolled their children in school have such bad opinions of the public school system?

In another part of the conversation, the talkative woman said that her next car would be a Hummer. Gas is currently $2.75 a gallon.

These are the people who have good value judgements.

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