August 15, 2005

Interrogation by a Four-Year Old

What are you doing that for?
What would you do if a dump truck drove here?
What would you do if fourth and fifth graders were here?
What would you do if your school was preschool?
Can I have ice cream?
Do you have any birds?
Do you like cats?
What if I had a dog this big [size of his hand] and put it in this box?
Do you know who wants a doggie?
Do you have Dr. DooDoo 2?
Can I use a scissor to cut these off?
Can I use a scissor to cut these off?
How come?
Is it alright if I rip these off?
Can I put a trash bag in here?
Could I have a snack?
How come they are so noisy upstairs?
Why do we have to take a bath?
But why can't we stay up?
Can we stay out here to watch the movie?
Huh, Kris?
When we take a bath can we come back out here to watch a movie?
Why do the people upstairs make noise?
What if the roof is cracking and the person falls down?
What if this is upstairs and that was downstairs?
That'd be funny, huh?
Do we have to take a bath now?


Mom said...

And how many questions....I love it

your good looking bro said...

that's funny! I find myself wondering about those things as well!
I finally got to check out your blog sis! great fun!