September 4, 2008

Getting Smarter

At the end of my last post, I was hoping for an easy year. I've finally taken the plunge to get my master's. I know it might be weird for some to think that I don't have it already since I've been teaching so long. Before I came to Las Vegas, the only people I knew who had advanced degrees were the administrators, and frankly, it wasn't easy for one to earn a master's in the tiny, isolated area where I lived. There were always the summers, right? Well, yes. I chose to travel during those years. After all, most days I was in contact with students 12 hours a day. Summers were for family and friends!

We moved to Las Vegas a few years ago so my husband could go back to school. The plan has always been that as soon as we made it through that, it was my turn. He graduated two years ago this month, but it still wasn't quite the right time for me to go back. Now's the time.

So, if I'm not around as much, or if my posts are incoherent, you know it's because I'm working 65 hours a week and taking classes.

Oh wait! That's what we teachers do. Never mind.

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