July 1, 2008

Is It Thursday Yet?

Yes, I know that my posting has slowed waaaaaaay down. I was busy with the SNWP advanced institute for the past few weeks, and now I just have nothing...I'm pretty close to blogging about the weather! Check back later for that thrilling post!

I am planning on participating in Take Another Look Thursday over at The Scholastic Scribe. (Did you read last week's post?)

Aren't you just dying to know what I'll be taking another look at? Here are some clues:
  • It's a book.
  • It's about writing.
  • I've revisited this book many times since 1991.
No, were not talking Strunk or Zinsser here. Somebody not as definitively respected--and certainly not as mainstream.

Any guesses?

What are your favorite books on writing?

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