July 24, 2008


Taking the red-eye to Tennessee tonight. This will be my second trip to Tennessee this year, with the first one being for an educational conference. Seems like with all the options for travel without our country I might find myself in more exciting places than Idaho, Utah, and Tennessee. But this year...no. And Baker, California, which is where we do visitation drops for our kids hardly counts. Hawaii anyone? Alaska? Those sound so nice to me.

A red-eye to Knoxville--for crying out loud--is certainly out of love. Okay, there's some self-imposed frugality, too, but I hate that 5 hour flight across the country. Ugh! And the Atlanta layover. I do not like to fly. Might as well sleep through it.

Anyway...we're going to see my sweetie's grand baby! For several days he's been going around saying, "We're going to see my hun's grand baby!" He's so funny. I'm fearful of an awkward trip as it is without him being delusion enough to think that our level of grandparenthood is on equal level. I don't know his eldest daughter very well at all, and it's been quite a while since we've seen her.

But since love has taken me on some crazy journey where I'm skipping having babies altogether and going into raising young children and having grandchildren at the same time, I'll take what I can get.

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