June 6, 2008

Up in the Air

I found out late Thursday afternoon that my summer job has fallen through. Apparently, no students signed up to do the writer's institute! Sure! The summer I'd like to work to make a little extra $$, I actually get hired for two jobs and then end up with NONE.

This morning I started plotting what else I might do with my summer, but it's not coming together very well. There were some years when I had my whole summer planned by April! Times were much easier then--only my schedule to work around!

I'm going to be able to participate in an advanced institute with the Southern Nevada Writing Project now that I won't be conducting a young writer's institute for them. Our site is working on a year-long site inquiry to help us prepare a future for the project when our director retires next year. I haven't been very active with the project in the last few years, but I've resolved to be more active, so this change in plan is going to work out, too.

Other than a differentiated instruction conference in July, that's all the academic stuff I have planned. There's plenty of time to schedule in a trip home (with or without kids?), a visit from my mother-in-law, two short visits from my best friend, and plenty of goofing-off time. It will all come together in the end. And if it doesn't? It's only summer.

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