June 4, 2008

Idle Hands and Restless Teachers

The kids are gone. My grades are in. My classroom is packed. Tomorrow I just have to check off about 15 things on my scavenger hunt check-out form. You know, like submitting my P.E. inventory. Ha! That's seriously on the form. The big things I need to do still are to finish and turn in my grade/attendance book, verify my final grades with the registrar (I'm 19th in line to see her! Wahoo!), have my administrator check off my room (It's a big mystery when exactly she'll be stopping by.), and turn in my keys! Don't you worry, dear readers. I have 7 hours to do it. Why do they torture us so?

At my last school, those of us who didn't work Safe Grad night (usually ended in the wee hours of the morning) were the only ones who had to report to school at the regular time on the last day. The rest of us would roll in around noon--just in time to turn in our keys. Then we'd meet at a local restaurant for a free lunch. We didn't have Teacher Appreciation Day back then. We'd get Mexican food and some relaxed laughs before we parted for the summer.

Teacher who were required to report to work passed out report cards and took fines from the students who wandered in. Oh! That would be in between squirt gun fights in the hallway. It was rather shocking to me that first year. Sometimes teachers can be so immature!

I've never seen teachers have squirt gun fights at my current school, which is odd considering we have open-air hallways and it's hotter than hell here. I have seen other shenanigans, such as stealing the janitor's cart and driving it across campus. Sheesh! Those boys!

It has me thinking, though...What kind of fun could we have tomorrow?

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