June 7, 2008

8th Grade Wisdom

As part of the final exam, I always ask the 8th graders to write a letter for in the incoming 6th graders. Their advice is a nice mix of humorous and profound.

On dress code...

Don’t break the dress code. I know nobody likes it, but we can’t do anything. The only thing you will get is in trouble, and you don’t want to start middle school as a dress code violator. -Peter

Yea, there's nothing worse than a dress code violator--unless you're in one of those girl gangs that are always giving the deans trouble.

On Backpacks...

Please! Remember, don’t have one of those roller backpacks because 8th graders just laugh, laugh, and trip. -Kysha

Don’t get a backpack with wheels on it because it looks stupid. -Apolonio

Students will be able to use lockers at our new school, so I'm also hoping the 6th graders won't feel so compelled to have those lame backpacks.

On Teachers...

There are many great teachers here that know what they are talking about. You should get to know your teachers. If you feel like they aren’t listening, just remember that they have many other students. -Gabi

The teachers care. Don’t let them fool you. They don’t want to see any student fail. They also care about your reputation. They don’t want you to be known as something your not. Just treat them with respect, and you will get some back. -Angela

Wow! Here are some students who have figured out the aliens species known as teachers.

On Classroom Behavior...

It’s okay to be funny, but it’s not cool to be stupid. There is a small line between funny and stupidity. Make sure you don’t cross it. -Mario

Mario was king of walking that line! He was one of the brightest students, but he didn't always perform like it.

On Grades...

Teachers will give you tons of work through the school year. The work they give you is pretty easy. To finish the assignments you just need to think hard. -Nathan

I have always struggled with my grades until I found out that all you need is to turn in all work and pay attention. -Karla

Turn in your work, pay attention, and think hard. It's so easy.

On Your Social Life...

Avoid the drama. -Chelsea

Doesn't that pretty much sum it up?

Just Some Good Advice From the Best...

These two students were leaders in the school and each earned many awards on Awards Night. They also happened to be my favorite students--great personalities with intellect and extreme motivation. Both of them were part of the smiling morning crowd waiting for me each morning. Great kids to start the day with!

In sixth grade it is vital to have good grades, a well mannered attitude, and a personal striving for success in mind. If you think you have all of that, then put it to work and let the teachers know that are you not just “a part of the crowd.” -Daniel

Be yourself. Plain and simple. Don’t change who you are. You yourself are unique, and nothing should ever be done to change that. Learn to express who you are, and love the person you have become! -Nicole

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