April 26, 2008

Old-School Digs at the Teacher

Is she the only student that did not turn in her project?

This is the question--with all the formatting--that appeared in a e-mail from a parent. Raising any hairs? The vast majority of my students' parents are super supportive. It's the minority who have taught me well. I've been poked by this schtick before.

So, why is it important to know about the other students who may not have turned in the project. Does the parent want to advocate for them, too? Wow! That's generous!

Or would it make her feel better to know that her student wasn't the only one who didn't do the assignment? You know when you walk into a room feeling insecure and you look around and think, "Oh, good. There is a bigger fool in here than me. Thank goodness!"

Oh no. We all know what she's up to with a question like that. She's trying to start a witch hunt. Sure, I have a witch in me. Do we really want to bring her to school?

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